Dr. Narinder S. Grewal, MD: Experienced Pain Management Specialist Throughout Santa Clarita


People throughout LA County count on the proficiency and sympathy of Doctor Narinder Grewal, MD. Grewal has been an expert of non-intrusive pain management for more than two decades. Narinder Grewal and his clinical practice have assisted countless patients regain reduced mobility, improve back function, and diminish or abolish the debilitating pain developing from musculoskeletal conditions. Dr. Grewal has earned the recognition of his patients and many other health care professionals alike regarding his dedication to giving thorough health care with the patients' better wellness at the core of the exercise.

Grewal established the APM and Neurology Group located near Valencia, California. His anesthesiology firm has a number of offices in LA County and caters to people in cities such as , Panorama, SimiValley, Vannuys, and Antelope Valley. The pain management clinics provide individuals with a massive assortment of innovative remedies as well as procedures, all of which created to lessen or completely relieve the irritation from accidents or bone and joint conditions. The clinical staff united for the clinic consists of other pain management doctors, nurse experts, and physician associates, each who carry many years of skill to bear for the people' real benefit.

the many health conditions managed by the clinical staff from Santa Clarita Center for Surgery and Advanced Pain Management are:
Long term Migraines, Cervical & Back Radiculopathy, Sciatica pain, Myofascial Pain, Pain resulting from cancer, Peripheral Neuropathic Distress, Fibromyalgia.

Therapy consist of both non-invasive and surgical methods. The clinical pain management practice controls a surgical treatment location when dealing with the most difficult patient situations. Surgical treatment might incorporate the implanting of neurostimulators and infusing injections. Common procedures for musculoskeletal pain ailments involve: Epidural and facet joint injections, PRP, known as Plasma-Rich Protein injections, Occipital nerve stops, High frequency neuro excisions, injections at trouble points, as well as injections of stem cells.

Among the attributes that has indeed helped physician Narinder Grewal, MD, stand out from fellow pain management doctors is definitely clear patient advocacy. Dr. Grewal strongly believes that the individual him- or herself is an important piece with any pain treatment option plan. From offering patients the strength to grow into enthusiastic participators during the remedy procedure, he has discovered that results are actually greatly improved. Investment in the treatment technique aids to assure that specialist guidelines are adopted, prescription medications are consumed, and any physical therapies are carried out. The entire benefit is both men and women have the chance to pursue more joyous, healthier way of lives, free from the distress and hardship which brought about the initial pain.
Grewal is medically certified under two overseeing health societies, the American Society of Anesthesiology as well as the AAPM. Aside from Grewal's board qualifications, he is currently an involved registered member of specialist establishments like the Spine Modulation and the U.S. Society of Non-Invasive Spine Surgery, amidst countless others.

By being active in these types of professional instituions, Doctor Grewal can build upon his knowledge and Twenty Years of knowledge in the pain assistance business. Direct exposure to cutting-edge therapy protocols serves to help him provide top anesthesiology capabilities and practices for the customers of his various centers throughout the San Fernando Valley. Dr. Narinder S. Grewal, MD, has certainly been the leading option for patients near the Santa Clarita region of Southern California for 25 years. His outstanding individual health care and comprehensive treatment services are certainly an attestation to the kindness he feels for patients assisted. Overcoming pain and disability is truly what Dr. Grewal has devoted his profession to.